Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable to wear and easy to live with.

You’ll visit us every four to six weeks to check your progression and get new aligners.

Average treatment time is about a year.

Because the aligners are removable you can continue to eat your favourite foods and you can brush and floss normally to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Treatment Options – Many people incorrectly believe that Invisalign clear aligners are only effective in treating minor teeth straightening issues. But in fact, Invisalign can often successfully treat people with moderate to severe conditions, including the following.

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Over-bite
  • Under-bite
  • Deep-bite
  • Open-bite

Straight teeth are heathier teeth – some of the benefits of Invisalign are;

  • Healthier Gums – It’s easier to brush and floss around properly aligned teeth.
  • Improved Hygiene – Properly aligned teeth reduce plaque retention, tooth decay and the risk of gum disease.
  • Less Wear and Trauma – Aligned teeth reduce the risk of tooth chipping, breaking and wear, which can require extensive procedures to repair. Proper tooth alignment also reduces stress on the jaw bones and jaw joints.

Treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Ask us how Invisalign clear aligners can work for you!